Welcome to Capital Strike Zone


Capital Strike Zone is a membership-based training facility with membership plans designed to meet the specific needs of every team, family, and individual player.

Only Strike Zone members may utilize the facility during our hours of operation, but there is no limit on the amount of time or number of days that a member in good standing can use the facility to work on improving his/her skills. When Capital Strike Zone is open, our members are welcome on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Individual and Family Memberships

Individual Membership

Family Membership
(2+ children)
1 Month                  $40.00 $50.00
3 Months              $110.00 $135.00
6 Months              $160.00 $200.00
12 Months            $280.00 $350.00

Team Memberships

While non-member team practices are available to any league or travel team organization as needed by calling our office and scheduling a team practice if space is available for $45.00 (90-minute practice time), our team memberships are a great way to ensure a consistent, weekly scheduled practice regardless of weather forecasts for your league or travel team on the most convenient day and at the most convenient time for your players and parents. Our team memberships also create the opportunity for each individual team member to use Strike Zone's facilities as an individual member one time per week, or give each team member the option to purchase a full individual membership with unrestricted facility use for only $10.00 per month for the duration of the team membership.

Team Membership Plans

2-Month Team Membership                           $200.00

-Includes 8 team practices, one individual visit per week for
each player, and option to purchase full individual membership
for 2 months at only $10.00 per month

3-Month Team Membership                          $300.00

-Includes 12 team practices, one individual visit per week for
each player, and option to purchase full individual membership
for 3 months at only $10.00 per month

4-Month Team Membership                           $380.00

-Includes 16 team practices, one individual visit per week for  
each player, and option to purchase full individual membership
for 4 months at only $10.00 per month

Individual Instructional Lessons

In addition to its expansive practice facility, Capital Strike Zone's strength is found in its professional coaching staff of experienced, knowledgeable baseball and softball instructors available to work with players from age 5 through college senior in a one-on-one, personal setting where establishment of proper fundamentals and mechanics pave the way for a higher level of in-game execution, greater aggressiveness and confidence, and discernible improvement and success on the field. Unlike other training facilities, every instructor at Capital Strike Zone has personal playing experience at the Division 1 collegiate level or professional level, while others have collegiate coaching experience and/or Major League scouting experience on their resumes after completion of their playing careers.

Individual instructional lessons at Capital Strike Zone can be set up in packages of 2, 4, 8, or 12-lesson packages with a specific instructor. Lesson packages also include full complimentary membership for the player as long as he/she is taking lessons. The complimentary membership is our commitment to the player to provide them with the facility and resources to work on the skills they are learning in their instructional lessons on their own as much as possible in between weekly lessons to maximize improvement and long-term skill reinforcement. Instructional lessons are available in hitting (baseball or softball), pitching, (baseball or softball), position-specific defense, catching and throwing.

Contact our office to inquire about instructor availability, days, and lesson times to fit your family's schedule needs.

Instructional Lesson Packages

2 lessons     $90.00    *includes 2-week complimentary membership

4 lessons     $170.00  *includes 1-month complimentary membership

8 lessons     $320.00  *includes 2-month complimentary membership

12 lessons   $420.00  *includes 3-month complimentary membership

Capital Strike Zone
1555 Eastern Blvd.
Montgomery, AL 36117

Office - (334) 782-0344